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Climbing to the Top: Andrew's Journey to Excellence at Randstad Japan Professionals

Andrew LinTeam Manager, SCM, Professionals Division

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Andrew is originally born in Taiwan and graduated in Melbourne Australia. Visited Japan and joined Randstad in 2018 April.  He started his recruitment career as Associate consultant in Randstad and now he is team manager that manages 4 people in supply chain. He has been in Japan for more than 5 years and enjoys his work in Randstad.

A Top Performer's Work and Role at Randstad

Andrew, a dedicated professional at Randstad Japan, has steadily progressed in his career within the company. Starting as an Associate Consultant in 2018, he has advanced to Consultant, Senior Consultant, and currently holds the position of Team Manager for the Supply Chain Management team. His primary focus is to support senior candidates in transitioning to various industry clients.


――Could you provide more details about your role at Randstad?


(Andrew) As a team manager, my primary responsibility is ensuring senior candidates' successful placement into relevant positions within our client organizations. This involves sourcing and screening candidates from our talent pool and engaging in client meetings to understand their specific needs. I aim to create the perfect match between candidates and clients, considering both the hard skills like technical competencies, and soft skills such as communication, people management, and career goals, required for the role.

My specialization lies in supply chain and procurement, so I have developed a deep understanding of these industries. By leveraging my knowledge and experience, I can effectively assess candidates' qualifications and suitability for different positions.


――How do you communicate with clients to understand their requirements?


(Andrew) When interacting with clients, I focus on understanding their needs in terms of both hard and soft skills.

For hard skills, I inquire about specific technical competencies, such as proficiency in systems like ERP or SAP, supply chain optimization, or procurement strategies. On the soft skills side, we explore aspects like their experience in communicating with senior stakeholders, their people management style, and how they motivate and lead their teams. Additionally, we delve into their career aspirations and the motivations behind their desire to join a new company. By assessing their soft skills, we aim to determine their compatibility with the client's organizational culture and the team dynamics they will encounter.

Personal Journey

▲Pictured by 2021 when Andrew and his team celebrated for achieving thie rannual target.

Before joining Randstad Japan, Andrew was actively involved in the supply chain industry in Australia. His passion for international business and his desire to immerse himself in a different culture with his girlfriend led him to Japan later.

During his time in Japan, Andrew had the opportunity to learn the language and explore the country's rich heritage. Also, he emphasizes the importance of personal growth and continuous learning.

He developed a deep appreciation for the Japanese work ethic and their commitment to excellence. This experience, combined with his education and previous professional experience in the field, made Randstad an ideal fit for Andrew.


――What factors led you to pursue your career in Japan?


(Andrew) In my previous career as a supply chain professional in Australia, I fostered a deep passion for contributing to the growth and development of this dynamic industry. Upon my relocation to Japan, my heart was set on continuing my journey in the supply chain sector, seeking a role that aligned with my prior experience and offered opportunities for personal advancement.

After an extensive search, I landed a position that, unfortunately, failed to meet my expectations for self-improvement and personal fulfillment. As someone who values continuous growth through meaningful work, I couldn't envision myself thriving in that particular company.

However, amidst my quest for the right fit, I discovered an exciting opportunity as a consultant at Randstad Japan. It became apparent that this role would allow me to leverage my expertise in the supply chain industry from a unique perspective and enable me to make a more significant impact on its growth.

My commitment to the supply chain industry remains unwavering, and it is essential for me to immerse myself in a setting that nurtures my personal development while contributing to the sector's progress. Randstad Japan turned out to be the perfect match, aligning with my aspirations and values.

Since joining Randstad, my outlook on the role of a consultant has been transformed. I view the candidates we work with as my esteemed teachers, learning invaluable insights from their experiences, and gaining a deeper understanding of the industry as a whole. This newfound knowledge not only empowers me to match candidates with the most suitable roles but also allows me to provide clients with invaluable insights into industry trends and culture.

As I continue my journey with Randstad Japan, I am excited to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the supply chain industry, embracing each opportunity to grow, learn, and make a meaningful impact along the way.


――What were the challenges living in Japan and what influenced your decision to join Randstad Japan?


(Andrew) This major turning point in my life was shaped by none other than my long-distance girlfriend, who has now become my beloved wife.

Our relationship flourished despite the geographical divide between Australia and Japan, where she resided, and I found myself moving to Japan to be with her. I had no command of the Japanese language at the time, so undoubtedly, my girlfriend played a vital role.

Living in a foreign country without fluency in the language or familiarity with its culture proved to be a significant challenge.Coping with culture shocks became a routine affair, and I owe my smooth adjustment to Japanese society to the unwavering support of my girlfriend.

One particularly eye-opening encounter was my attempt to open a bank account in Japan. Frustratingly, I couldn't do it on my own because of a ‘stamp’. I was amazed by how something I had never seen before in my entire life could be so highly valued in Japanese society. At the same time, I felt a sense of dilemma due to my inability to adapt to life in Japan to the extent that I couldn't even open a bank account on my own.

Eager to integrate myself fully, my first mission in Japan was to immerse myself in the local lifestyle and diligently learn the language and culture. Through perseverance and determination, I gradually acclimated to the new environment and honed essential interpersonal skills that would later prove instrumental in my professional journey.

When I stumbled upon an opportunity at Randstad, I saw it as the perfect chance to not only chase my career aspirations but also to deepen my connection with Japan and share a life alongside my beloved partner.

Recognizing the value of gaining professional experience within the Japanese business landscape, I embraced this vision with the unwavering support of my girlfriend. Her encouragement played a crucial role in solidifying my decision to embark on this new and exciting chapter with Randstad Japan.

Motivations and Challenges as the Top Performer

▲Picture by 2020 with the COVID-19 situation, Andrew trying to work remotely.

Andrew's journey at Randstad Japan took an exciting turn when he was recognized as the top performer within his team. He was awarded as the top performer 3 years after he became a member. This achievement not only validated his hard work and dedication but also presented him with new motivations and challenges to navigate.


――Please describe your motivations for being awarded as the top performer at Randstad Japan?


(Andrew) My recognition as the top performer ignited a sense of accomplishment and pride within myself. It reaffirmed my belief in the value of perseverance and excellence in the workplace. This served as a strong motivator for me to continue pushing boundaries and striving for even greater success. I saw this achievement as an opportunity to inspire my colleagues and set an example of what could be achieved through hard work and determination. I am a person who aims to do the right work or do the right things at the right time, and the result will come in at the end. I aimed to foster a positive and competitive work environment where everyone could thrive and strive for excellence.


――What were the challenges you faced after being awarded as the top performer at Randstad Japan?


(Andrew) While being recognized as the top performer brought a sense of fulfillment, it also presented me with several challenges.

One of the main challenges was maintaining my performance and surpassing my previous achievements. The pressure to consistently deliver exceptional results increased as expectations from both my superiors and peers grew. Additionally, I faced the challenge of balancing his increased workload and responsibilities. As a top performer, I was entrusted with more complex projects and leadership opportunities, requiring me to manage my time effectively and delegate tasks when necessary. Moreover, I had to navigate the dynamics within my team. Being the top performer sometimes created a sense of envy or competition among my colleagues. I recognized the importance of fostering a supportive and collaborative environment, ensuring that my success did not create a divide but encouraged others to strive for their best.

Vision for the Next 5 Years

▲SCM Team Manager promotion photo in 2022

As Andrew reflects on his accomplishments and experiences at Randstad Japan, he envisions a future filled with growth, development, and new opportunities. Here, we delve deeper into his visions for the next five years and the goals he aims to achieve.


――What are your visions for the next 5 years?


(Andrew) My visions for the next five years encompass both personal and professional aspirations. On a personal level, I aim to further enhance my leadership skills and expand my knowledge in areas such as team management, strategic planning, and innovation. I envision myself becoming a mentor and trusted advisor, guiding others on their own journeys toward success.

Professionally, I aspire to take on more significant roles within the organization. I seek opportunities to lead larger projects, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and contribute to the overall growth and success of Randstad Japan. I believe in continuously challenging myself and aim to reach new heights within the company. Potentially I even want to advance to a managerial position.

Furthermore, I am passionate about making a meaningful impact in the industry. I envision spearheading initiatives promoting diversity, inclusion, and sustainability within the workplace. I try to create an environment that celebrates individuality and encourages innovation, ultimately positioning Randstad Japan as a leader in the industry.


――How do you plan to achieve your visions for the next 5 years?


(Andrew) To turn my visions into reality, I have devised a comprehensive plan. I recognize the importance of continuous learning and development, so I intend to pursue additional certifications, attend industry conferences, and engage in networking opportunities to expand my knowledge and expertise. I also believe in building strong relationships and partnerships within and outside the organization. I plan to actively seek out mentorship opportunities and collaborate with key stakeholders to gain valuable insights and guidance. By leveraging these connections, I aim to make significant contributions to the growth and success of Randstad Japan.

Additionally, I commit to improving my leadership skills by participating in leadership development programs and seeking feedback from my peers and superiors. I believe that effective leadership is crucial to driving positive change and inspiring others to achieve their full potential.