Career Support Service

We provide career support and employment search support services to foreign residents.

At Randstad, we provide support to foreign residents in Japan, including university students, who wish to work in Japan. We provide the information you need for your job search or to change jobs.

Job Search Support

We provide free Japanese language level checks, jobhunting advice, and career counseling to foreign residents in Japan, including students, who are looking for a job or thinking of changing jobs. Please complete the registration procedure if you would like to receive counseling or other services.

1.Business Japanese language ability check

 To work at a Japanese company, you need Japanese language ability. We will assess your level and provide you with advice for future study. The checkers are Japanese teachers experienced in the world of business.

2.Jobhunting advice and support

We will give you the advice about business etiquette and customs that you need for your job search. If you have not studied or conducted a job search by yourself in Japan, we will explain the process to you, as well as ho to write a CV and what to expect in interviews.

3.Career counseling for foreign jobseekers

Career counselors with experience living abroad will give you advice about customs and culture in Japanese companies, and how to build your career in a Japanese company.

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We at Randstad are committed to providing support for foreign residents in Japan seeking employment, or who would like to gain new experience by changing jobs. Registering is the first step!

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